Let’s find the 3 best way to promote your business online along with social media platforms.

I’m going to share the marketing strategy for growing your business to be able to promote your products and services to build your brand and get more traffic. In my opinion, the most popular skill that you really need to grow, accelerate your business to build your brand which is online or offline, It is what you spend in your business throughout your day. This activity that you engage in your business

Now, you have a business whether you’re just getting started or already running. You have the goal, the aspiration to build your business! You can start to develop it, grow it and what that skill and strategy is? I think you got the answer:) “Social Media Marketing”. Right! Let’s ask one question, What internet made up of and what’s the entire internet made up of? Well, my answer is “Make Content” which is any form of “Text, “Images” “Video” or “Audio”.

3 Best way to promote business online on social media platforms.

1. Facebook

Facebook allows you to create profiles, upload photos, and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Here you have to build the audience thru create pages and groups. Post every day at least five contents in the forms of text, images, or videos. There is no limitation on quantity, but Facebook staff will remove inappropriate or copyrighted images. The site, which is available in 37 different languages, includes some great features to build an audience and promote your business such as:

Organic way to promote :

  • Pages – Create a page for business and promote your products & services with the help of Image & Video content.
  • Groups – Create groups & allow members who have common interests to find each other and interact.
  • Events  – Make events and allows members to publicize, invite guests, and track who plans to attend.
  • Presence technology – Allow this features for members to see which contacts are online and chat support.

Promote with Paid Ads :

  • Facebook Ads Manager – Here you create your FB Ads account for creating Campaigns for advertisements. It’s very helpful for you to get qualified leads, selling products and services as per your selected locations and targeted traffic. You have to set your daily budget then according to that your Ad will target those audiences.

2. Instagram

If you have to target most of the young and skilled generation then you should this platform without any hesitation. Here you find a large number of influencers according to your niche with a huge number of followers. If you provide good valuable and quality content then you can become an influential brand, too. Instagram also somewhat the same as Facebook. There’s also creating pages or build your own account.

  • Active Instagram for Business: Switch your current profile to a business account. [Goto: Setting>Switch to business profile]

A business profile allows you to create an Instagram advertisement without needing to use Facebook’s advertising tools.

  • You can access Instagram analytics tools, which is shown as Insights, that provide statistics about the impressions and all activity of your posts.
  • If you post regular three to four posts then always use max. 30 #tags to build your followers.
  • For advertisements, You can run a campaign or sponsored post such as – Photo| Video | Stories | Carousel/Dynamic Ads |

3. Google

When we want information about any topics & products or services we simply goto a google search. Here you not only search but also you promote your business organically or paid ads in both ways.

Organic way to promote: Download “Google My Business“. Add your business account for free and start to customize it.

  • First, select the category that feet to your business best, Add business location.
  • Fill your contact information, Business phone number, and website address (if any) so that customers can reach you easily. If you are using a Facebook page rather than a website, you can also add instead of a website.
  • After finished, Verify your business. Select options for verification of business. If you are eligible for Phone or E-mail options then google customer support will call you otherwise, Postcard by Mail is the by default verification options selected, It can take a few days for the postcard to arrive at your given address. When you received your postcard, Open the link and sign-in and click on the menu and Verify your location. Enter the five-digit verification code from your postcard.
  • In the last step, Sign up or log in to Google My Business. Search your business on google, select it. Then follow the steps to confirm that you are the owner.

5 ways to optimize Google My Business profile

  1. Update your whole profile. Upload photos & logo of your business.
  2. Product and services listings in my google business.
  3. Post content, daily updates for products & offers.
  4. Add special features and attributes.
  5. Encourage customers for reviews/feedback.

Promote with Paid Ads :

  • Google AdWords – Google AdWords or Google Ads, It is one of the most effective ways of business promotion online. Here you have to pay for per click or per sale on your advertisements.
  • Millions of businesses are using Google Adwords to promote their business products and services.
  • Google Ads enable businesses to create Search and Display Ads. Search ads are more popular types of Ad networks.
  • Ads are shown on the different types of Websites, Networks, Applications, and many platforms.  You see the small word “Ad” in green.

How to Create an advertisement or create campaign on google.

  • Log in to Google Ads Manager and Create Campaign.
  • Select the promotion or marketing goal. (Sales, Leads, Web Traffic, Branding)
  • Select a Campaign type or network type like (Display ads, Search ads, Shopping ads, Applications, and video ads)
  • Create your target audience, Set daily budget & bidding.
  • Create ad extensions for the additional line for text.
  • Setup Ad group & keywords to target qualified traffic.
  • The final step is to write ad headings, path & detailed description.
  • Confirm & Monitor optimize your ad.

After marketing or promoting your business online, you really got to understand & know your market. You’ve got to really build your standard quality of content you’re creating and then based on the strategy you’re implementing. Whether that’s you know how to Facebook works how Instagram works and actually make sure that you master it you go deep with it and its okay and that’s really important as well you have to be able to optimize your content and market it in some way because maybe you have great content maybe your content is really valuable or it is really asking a difference but maybe it’s dying because you don’t know how to optimize it or creating content on your Facebook and Instagram or whatever.

What I challenge you to do is try to improve it try to make your content better. Know to create more content maybe it’s taking more photos that sharing on social media. It’s developing your skills and you develop more than you do just by consuming it consuming content is great but I found for myself by me sharing and trading and putting it out there it actually helps me more than anyone else it helps me internalize what I’ve learned that much more it helps me communicate in a much better way and I think these are very important be able to have in our life whether it’s speaking communicating that’s going to help your relationships it’s going to help you in business whether it’s writing that’s going to help you in your life as well these are all valuable skills.

The process of content creation helps us grow and develop now here’s the other thing I’ll mention this metal wrap-up you can create the content yourself which as I said is it might be the most valuable marketing strategy out there okay in fact even a lot of pay-per-click advertising campaigns are content-oriented because that’s what converts the best and then oftentimes a lot of the advertisements they send someone to a form of content which gives you a sales page or a video sales letter so content is really what you know even you know pay-per-click advertising whatever it might be it’s the number one way it’s what the internet is made up.

You’re going to learn to develop it or you can outsource it you can hire someone else to do it for you okay or you can partner with someone that maybe it’s a great content creator that can represent your brand and your product, and they can be the content creator for you ok so there are different ways of going about it.

I said many different ways whether it’s social media whether it’s video whether it’s articles pick the strategies you want to learn and master go deep with it and then utilize them and practice them to grow your business ok that’s my advice and hopefully this can really help you guys to grow your business at a whole new level you know.

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