One of the biggest challenges for most businesses is how to market your business online on a low budget. If you can’t raise any funds for your business, you will have a limited budget to start your business. This article explains how you can market and grow your business with a very limited amount of capital.

1. Guerilla marketing :

In the case of guerilla marketing, you will start with a limited amount of money instead of big-budget marketing with the gain of your marketing imagination and originality. Businesses that have a substantial amount of capital use guerilla marketing techniques to participate in marketing with various competitors. It is very difficult to find any shortcomings in the creative guerilla marketing method.

Example: An example of guerilla marketing is a 3D picture of a McDonald’s burger on the street that makes you immediately realize that it’s a McDonald’s burger.

2. Social media marketing :

According to Hubspot, Using social media to market your business has become very popular nowadays. A recent study found that most people who use social media spend 6 hours a day active on social media.

One of the most popular social media sites recently is Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. You can start marketing your business at once on all these social media sites. First, you start your marketing on these two sites. Learn more about market your business online.

3. Create valuable content and content marketing :

If you think only customers like great content but you are wrong, Search engine Google like great content very much. You can create great content related to your business in any way, be it video, blog, podcast, photo. If you have made all your content more valuable to yourself and your content has really helped the audience in some way, Google will automatically give you organic traffic there which will bring a lot of people to your website for free. Only by creating great content and providing some value to people is the amount of traffic coming to your website through Google ranking so that you can automatically generate enough sales for your business. The only thing to keep in mind is that whatever content you are creating, you have to create it yourself. Never upload someone’s copied content post.

4. Giveaways :

Who doesn’t love to get free gifts? You can organize a competitive game to market your business and hold a prize-giving ceremony for the winners. A lot more people know about your business than you would spend to do this whole event.

Now in the online age, you can organize giveaways through social media without any physical space. Facebook groups, Instagram, YouTube videos and more to announce your giveaways. Suppose you sell a watch and you have a youtube channel.

You made a video on youtube and said that I will choose one of the people who will like this video, share it and write their name in the comments and give a watch as a gift. This will allow you to see a lot of people liking your video, sharing it and writing their names in the comments. As a result, you are able to build a profile of your business in front of thousands of people just by giveaway a watch.

5. Local listings :

Google my business is the best way for you if you want to plan your business in the local area. Google My Business is a business directory business listing site. When a person searches for something along with near me keyword on Google, then Google business accounts will appear.

Example:- You have a restaurant in Kolkata and you list your business on Google my business. Whenever someone searches on Google ” restaurants near me ” or ” restaurants in kolkata ” then Google show them you google my business listing.

6. Profitable online ads platforms :

These days it can be very expensive if you want to market your business on television radio and through banner posters. And using this traditional technique you can’t track how many customers are engaging with your business. Better yet, use Google Ad and get your business up and running on Google Ad. You can see how many customers are coming to your business by looking at Google ads and how much money you will get pay to Google depends on how many customers are clicking on your business. Facebook ad is also good for targeting audience to their interest on social media platforms. This is a low cost than Google ads to market your business.

7. Search engine optimisation :

In point three, as I said, create great content and provide it to your audience for free. You can SEO this great content and bring it to the top of Google search so that when your visitors search for something on Google, your website comes first and they click on it. This way you can create great content and post it on your website and do SEO. In a few months you will get a lot of free organic traffic from Google. If your website has a good user experience and there is valuable content, As a result of SEO, a lot of  audiences will come to your website organically for free and they will become your customers. 

We’ve seen how many businesses have been ruined by a pandemic in 2020, and with the help of digital marketing, many businesses have made a huge profit. So, my dear friend stops traditional methods and start digital marketing and you will see your business will reach potential customers at a low cost.

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