15 best ideas to start a home-based business to work and make money from home.

Just because of Covid-19, Work from home is on trending, Everyone wants to do some business or something from home. Many companies also want their employee should work from home due to this pandemic situations. Numbers of peoples are job-less and unemployed. So basically I want to add some business ideas which are managed from home or anywhere you are. Many home-based businesses you can start with very little money without experience. So if you don’t have any savings or experience and you want to do something to make money, you can start your own business and become highly successful with it. But before further you have to find the business which runs for a long time & you enjoy as well.

1.Sell Homemade Products:

Making handmade items and selling online is a great way to do business. Show your creativity makes something you’re happy with. You can do it all online with sharing on social media platforms. Like, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & many more.

2.Social Media Specialist: 

Nowadays everyone on social media. Every organization that sells products or services, they have to be active on social media platforms, so the requirements for experts is much more. One question has come in your mind that, How can you become a social-media expert? The answer is – Do practice, Build an audience for yourself before offering your services to others. Analyze your target sector, build your own community and online presence and start making contact on the social-media. Instagram and Facebook is the best way to start. Keep publish valuable content and getting it to the right audience, and you’ll find a way to get some clients and many ways to enjoy digital life as work from home.



If you are copywriter, graphic designer, Social media marketer or any types of working skills, you can start freelancing. Select any platform, Simply, Sign Up for freelancing work on sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer or Guru.com, You can be your boss, you can work from anywhere you want, work according to your schedule. Apply or place bids as per your skills & experience to start work from


Tips: Create a good profile and mention your strengths, skills and experience. Ask people to give a review after work completion. This will helps you as a reputed freelancer on freelancing sites & everywhere.

4.Graphic Design: 

A graphic designer is a professional within the graphic design and graphic arts industry and there are many websites, companies and organizations need of designing creating and editing work. Here you require a certain level of expertise and some editing software.


The funny thing is that anybody with a smartphone can be a photographer. The important is professional photography can be started a real business. Photography is the art of creating and editing images. Capture images, edit as per required and share it.

6.Home Bakery:

If you are master at cooking or making some delicious items start making every type of dishes where you have an interest. You need to have studied formal pastry, chef or baking courses on free online platforms or institutions. Start your cooking channel, take order of bakery items.

7.Personal Computer Training:

A lot of people still don’t know all about computer software, applications and digital marketing. If you want to train others, then you have its knowledge of it. Computer training refers services to help people on computer-related topics. Computer training professionals instruct and help people to provide computer skills as per user demand like software, hardware, database management, basics of programming, networking and more.

8.Web Designing:

Nowadays everyone wants to grow online presence for business growth. From offline to the online presence you need to design a website or application. Web design requires skills that can take some time to learn and practice. WordPress is easy to lean for website design. You can start to get clients through freelancing.


Blogging means post your content in text format. Before starting it select your niche/topic for what you want to post articles/blogs. In starting if you want only post blogs then go with google blogspot. Here you get a free platform to start blogging. After you buy hosting and domain, move towards WordPress. Blogging takes time for growth. Consistently you have to work on it as you know, In digital marketing, it requires time to boost your presence. It can be monetized by many platforms like Google Ads, Bing Etc. Mainly you have to focus on affiliate marketing because in blogging there has no chance of earning as much as you can.

10.Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and fastest way to earn money. Affiliate marketing means you have to refer or sell products or services of other companies via promotions or advertisements and getting a commission on every sale/referral. 90% of companies or businesses are doing business with affiliate marketing. So select products as per your niche start affiliate business today, You have to required only targeted audience. Build it through social media platforms and your networks.

11.Network Marketing: 

Network marketing is the best recurring income platform. Here the chain management system is working. In the basic level, you have less earning but once you add good member/clients under your ID, then you get every time good recurring income as per your backend teams performance.

12.YouTube Channel: 

Make informational video content and upload on youtube. It’s not that simple you think. Video and audio quality should be good and content has to be informative. Here you will monetize after 1k subscribers and 4k hour watch time.


Podcasting is like FM Radios, Now podcasting is on trending. Making money with Podcasting is required good communication skills. There are lots of Podcasts online, there are many options for driving revenue through Podcasting that is sponsorship. For successful Podcasting, It’s important to getting listeners engagement with you. Specialize in an area of your expertise and constantly remind listeners to participate in your Podcast via social media platforms or your website if you have.

There is free software available online for Podcasting. You can use your PC or Laptop and the microphone to start your Podcast.

14.Write & Published E-Book: 

If you have interest and skills about something, write an e-book and publish or sale via online platforms. E-Book is short for “Electronic book” You have to provide valuable information with writing skills through an e-book. Peoples are using this as sources of income like marketing, leads generation, Online selling, E-mail marketing Etc.

15.Online Course Creator:

You can also share your expertise by creating an online course then build and sell your course online platforms like Udemy, Online academics, etc. Make your online course and to share your expertise/knowledge with the world, after that grow your audience on the social platform, where you can sell online courses, build your website and many more.

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